The Simplified Kit That Gives Sarah Pannell the Space for Daily CreativityThe Simplified Kit That Gives Sarah Pannell the Space for Daily Creativity

The Simplified Kit That Gives Sarah Pannell the Space for Daily Creativity

Sarah shares her minimalist approach to photography and how a pared-back kit gives her the space to be creative and shoot every day.

This inconspicuous, reliable setup is my go-to. I value comfort and functionality above all else, so streamline your gear kit and worry more about making special images.

As a daily shooter, I try to maintain a simple camera setup that is streamlined and tailored to regular use.
My favourite on-the-go camera is my Leica M6, which is a classic rangefinder that is compact and sturdy. This camera is so versatile for my needs and allows me to switch with ease between my 50mm and 35mm lenses.
When I’m using my Leica, which is most of the time, these are the key items in my kit:

Leica M6 classic rangefinder

My camera was made in 1988, the year I was born.

Leica SF20 flash

There is no faulting this flash, it’s simple to use and has beautiful coverage. It’s nice and light and easy to stow away when I’m not using it.

Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 Version II MC

Whilst I would love to put a Leica lens on this body, the Voigtlander is a fraction of the price and suits me fine (at least for now). This lens works beautifully and is super small and compact. It’s brilliant in low light, I can’t really fault it for the cost!

50mm Zeiss lens (f/2)

This lens is a little bulkier but it’s so unbelievably sharp and perfect for portraits and for more cropped, abstract images. I got this lens second hand on eBay for a steal, and while it isn’t cosmetically perfect, it does just what I need it to do.

Urth UV, CPL and ND filters

I have a UV on each of my lenses permanently and more often than not a CPL. I always have an ND close by, usually the variable ND as it’s so easy to use and is perfect when I’m searching for a shallow DOF in bright conditions.

And last but not least, Urth Camera Strap

A beautifully simple and functional camera strap. It’s durable and comfortable to sling over my shoulder and folds easily into my bag. And if I want to switch it to a different camera body, the side clasps click out with no fuss.