Kickstart Your Photography Practice with These Ten InsightsKickstart Your Photography Practice with These Ten Insights

Kickstart Your Photography Practice with These Ten Insights

Take a brief masterclass in photography with stories of the past year that touch on all aspects of the craft; from inspiration and developing a strong creative practice, top tips on developing your style, technique and even career.

1. Andre Wagner On Why He Photographs
“I like to become part of the flow of people, of their movement.”

Andre Wagner

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re drawn to taking photos, or the role photography plays in your everyday life? Photographer Denisse Ariana Pérez interviews her friend Andre Wagner, who reflects on just that. It’s worth contemplating, because it adds a sense of purpose to your work, which influences and adds integrity to the projects we choose to pursue. Discovering why other photographers like Andre take photos can be a catalyst to consider your own relationship to the art form.
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2. Rob Woodcox Photographs the Universe He Wants to Live In
“I think art is a universal language that crosses all barriers of language, religion, politics.”

Rob Woodcox

Following on from the topic of why we photograph, Rob Woodcox details his relationship to the craft and how it ties with wider environmental and social issues. Learning the way different creatives relate to their work helps us make those connections for ourselves.
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3. Art as Medicine
“I am fairly certain that art, just like medicine, shares an affinity for healing.”


Art can also offer healing, as Nigerian artist Uchechukwu discovered. His work allowed him to process periods of grief and even helped heal his relationship to his body.
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4. The Intimacy of Film: Tim Roodenrys Captures the Artisans of Tibet
“[Through] the process of photographing portraits with film, you connect with people differently because it seems more intimate.”

Tim Roodenrys

Tim Roodenrys details his journey from fashion photography to working on a personal project in Tibet. He shares how this shift in career unfolded and his thoughtful approach to taking portraits of the Tibetan artisans he collaborates with, while navigating cultural and language barriers.
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5. Patience and Timing: Lessons from a 20-year Photography Project
“I never know what I am going to get, the body position, the play of light — the movement of water is always different.”

Narelle Autio

Magnum photographer Narelle Autio shares insights from her 20 years photographing Australia’s coastlines for her project The Places in Between. She tells her story from her early beginnings as a photojournalist, to the origins of her ongoing coastal project, sharing the gear she uses and a behind the scenes look at her process.
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6. In Focus: Sarah Pannell On Balancing Personal and Professional Work
“Don’t be too afraid to assist other photographers and learn on the go. There is always room for improvement.”

Sarah Pannell

Versatile Melbourne based photographer Sarah Pannell shares what keeps her inspired and the gear she works with to capture and “celebrate everyday beauty and connection.” She also shares the advice she’d impart to her younger self and how she makes time for personal projects between client work.
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7. How ‘Eyes as Big as Plates’ Defines Nature Through Ageless Curiosity
“People act very differently in front of a medium-format, slow-working camera.”

Karoline Hjorth

This interview with Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth behind the photo project Eyes as Big As Plates, shows how trusting your instincts allow one to embrace the natural evolution of a creative idea. It’s the perfect example of what can happen when we allow a concept to mature and develop over a period of time.
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8. Embracing Shadows in Photography Using an ND Filter
“Shadows don't stifle an image, they elevate it.”


For a lot of photographers, shadows can often feel like something to be avoided, but this article offers practical tips and insights on how you can use shadows as a tool to add depth or intrigue to an image and achieve your creative vision.
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9. 10 Ways to Create with ND Filters
“Neutral Density lens filters or ND filters are highly likely to be the culprits behind your favourite landscape photos.”
From balancing mixed lighting in a mountain scene, smoothing out waves in surf photography, to photographing the sun — read ten techniques to experiment with to make the most of your ND filters.
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10. Nick Prideaux on Cultivating Creative Spaces
"I think I’ve come to a point with my creativity where I just have to enjoy the lulls in it."

Nick Prideaux

Nick Prideaux shares his tips for cultivating an inspiring space at home, fertile for creative ideas. Despite all the preparation, when inspiration is inevitably lacking, he shares how he gets reinspired.
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