5 Photos Shot with the Duet Kit Plus+5 Photos Shot with the Duet Kit Plus+

5 Photos Shot with the Duet Kit Plus+

Our best selling filter kit meets the dreamy landscapes of Chiara Zonca.

Colours are rich and brimming with nostalgia in this road trip series by Urth ambassador Chiara Zonca.

I took these photos on a Summer road trip through Alberta, Canada.
It was forest fire season and the light was very flat and muted due to the distant haze and smoke engulfing the sun.
I always use a UV filter on my lenses to protect them from scratches and reduce the blue haze on sunny days, but for the unusual light conditions caused by the fire season, I felt I needed the extra punch of a CPL filter to enhance the colours of my scene.
Overall I really enjoyed using the Duet Kit Plus+, I didn’t notice any major loss of quality due to stacking those two filters and the CPL really brought my colours back to life, making them feel richer and cinematic.